News Update for 5/19

News, Alerts & Events Update for 5/19

This is the first of many updates we will be posting to this site. We will be posting federal, state and local news, both good and bad.  We are also posting information of bills, events and representatives for our delegates to have on file and keep track of.  If there are any local labor issues and/or news reports that you want on these updates, please feel free to let us know at [email protected] as it goes to both Jeremy and Dan.  Also be sure to follow us on our facebook page as we put out daily information and stream live events and rallies. 
Local News:
*******Alert******  A CWA Strike is underway - Picket address: 11998 Los Osos Valley Blvd in San Luis Obispo until 12:01 am Monday
(and upload your strike photos directly to us through the event)

Federal News

Trump wants to intentionally destabilize Obamacare by cutting subsidies

The American Health Care Act is cruel to sick people

Federal Representatives in the Tri-Counties

24th District: Julia Brownley (D) (202) 225-5811 - [email protected]

25th District: Steve Knight (R) 202-225-1956 - [email protected]

26th District: Salud Carbajal (D) 202-225-3601 - [email protected]

State News:
Status of Pro-Labor Bills in the CA Legislature
SB 306 - Strengthen protections for whistleblowers who face retaliation: Placed on suspense file in Appropriations committee
AB 52 - Require new employee orientation in the public sector and give unions the opportunity to participate: 1st Committee
AB 285 - Ensures public employees are free to choose whether or not they want to join a union without being discouraged by their employer: Appropriations Committee
AB 450 - Protect immigrant workers from worksite raids: Appropriations Committee
SB 772 - Make it easier to enact worker safety regulations: Passed Senate 26-12
AB 1565 - Codify overtime rule: Active bill, in Assembly
SB 49 - Preserve current federal wage and safety standards even if repealed federally: Senate, 1st committee
SB 17 - Control costs of prescription drugs: Senate Appropriations Committee
State Representatives in the Tri-Counties
35th - Jordan Cunningham (R): 916-319-2035 - [email protected]
37th - Monique Limon (D): 916-319-2037 - [email protected]
38th - Dante Acosta (R): 916-319-2038 - [email protected]
44th - Jacqui Irwin (D): 916-319-2038 - [email protected]
17th - Bill Monning (D): 916-651-4017 - [email protected]
19th - Hannah-Beth Jackson (D): 916-651-4019 - [email protected]
27th - Henry Stern (D): 916-651-4027 - [email protected]
CWA is on strike.  There is a picket line at 11998 Los Osos Valley Blvd in San Luis Obispo until 12:01 am monday
National "March for Truth"Sat. June 3, 11 am, Pershing Park, Los Angeles